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This is emetic!14 Dec 2015 12:37
Lost in this chat is concern for the older generation who built our institutions.
Meiusi was a principal in the attacks on Ehatare. At one point, he got worried about facing a slander suit, so; he blocked outside access to the mob's discussion on Facebook. He has plenty to hide!
Seniors14 Dec 2015 14:47
I've never heard of this Meiusi but do agree that he shouldn't bother trying to speak Estonian.
Candidates like Reet Sehr and others have indicated the need for broad representation of the community in EKN not just youth.
Lugeja15 Dec 2015 20:28
Mul on hea meel, et Allan Meiusi tuleb välja üritustel ja teeb intervjuusi.
Keel võiks olla parem, jah... aga ta püüab. Pole viga! Kiitust temale! Kui paljud ei püüagi ennast eesti keeles väljendada?
Hea intervjuu! Tänud Allanile ja Reedale!
Mystified!17 Dec 2015 08:27
What do these people care about?
The continuity of Estonian culture can be satisfied by participation in folk dancing, for Reet Marten Sehr!?
That's rather thin!
And where are Meiusi's priorities? Listening to him speak Estonian is a grotesque freak-show.
Where's his sense of shame?
And why is EWR putting this on public display?
Reet Marten Sehr17 Dec 2015 09:58
To Mystified:
I invite you to listen to the full Estonian and English video interview, also posted at for a more comprehensive overview of my approach and ideas. You can also access my article Quo Vadis EKN at
Thanks Reet.18 Dec 2015 08:07
I've read the cited material.
Like anyone running for an office, you're promising to be all things to all people, while claiming that incumbents are across-the-board-deficient.
While I have no reason to believe that you can deliver, I can't see how incumbents have failed.
Marcus Hess, in particular, has an enviable record of accomplishment and community service.
Have you done anything good, when nobody is looking?
Marcus Hess has; and plenty! For example: he sponsored an English translation of Lauri Vahtre's, 'Absurdi impeerium', a wonderful book depicting daily life in Soviet times.
Buddy26 Dec 2015 10:01
"Lauri Vahtre's, 'Absurdi impeerium'? That's a contribution? A self published book that no one has ever heard of except for friends and relatives? Let's get back to the real world here folks!
Reet Marten Sehr18 Dec 2015 13:02
To Thanks Reet,
I have no compulsion to post my extensive resume but can say that I am quietly proud of my many accomplishments. A few of these were cited in my bio which was published last week along with those of the other EKN candidates. If you wish to know more, please feel free to contact me via Messenger on Facebook. :-)
Thanks Reet.18 Dec 2015 13:56
I didn't mean to imply that you aren't competent; only that you can't be all things to all people. You share this fault with candidates for office everywhere.
I'm slightly disgusted by your implication, however, that the incumbents at the EKN have grievously failed us. That calls for specific evidence! Moreover, I don't believe that you can come to the rescue by making things right. You're only human.
Do I wish to see you your CV? Not if it's padded with more of the same high-sounding, vague rhetoric that you've lumbered us with so far. A far better idea would be to examine your CV beside Marcus Hess'.
Evi Vahtra18 Dec 2015 13:43
To: Thanks Reet.
Markus (NOT Marcus) Hess has done many good things, but letting EKN slide for the past few years is not one of the things on the positive side of his balance sheet.
Try Google'ing both Markus Hess and Reet Marten Sehr, and see what comes up for each of them.
You will find that Reet has done very much for Estonia and Estonians and Estonian-Canadians. She has worked with EKN, but has also worked tirelessly with politicians in both Canada and Estonia. She has also been very involved with education reform in Eesti, over a period of years. Just some of the MANY projects that she doesn't boast about.
Curious George19 Dec 2015 21:11
One is an engineer with numerous patents.
The other is a teachers.
Are any more explanations required?
Yes! Enough said.20 Dec 2015 15:48
At a lunch, recently, the subject of US politics surfaced, unfortunately.
The teacher in our group ventured that Hillary is smart and best qualified for the Presidency. The Republican candidates, by contrast, are unqualified for the Presidency because they're stupid; especially world-famous neurosurgeon Ben Carson because he's religious! After that the conversation dried up.
Head out of ass26 Dec 2015 09:29
All of this character sniping doesn't change the fact that EKN has been shamelessy driven into the ground by the group running it.
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