EKN – Estonian Central Council in Canada Mission Estonian Life
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Curious George24 Nov 2015 21:22
Why isn't there a current website for EKN?

We are constantly reading on this website and on EestElu.com site on how advanced and "virtual" the isamaa is, so why not EKN?
§25 Nov 2015 08:16
The mission statement is far too long, airy and pretentious.
Pealtvaataja25 Nov 2015 18:56
I don't think that EKN even voted on this!
Funnier still is that EKN was asked to advise on the new Everything Estonian web portal when their own site doesn't even exist. LOL!
Kummaline küll ...26 Nov 2015 18:06
... et eestlaste esindajate üllitis ilmub vaid inglise keeles!
Curious George27 Nov 2015 08:42
Kummaline küll ...

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Mark04 Dec 2015 11:08
Toronto and Canada has some very sharp Estonian professionals from all walks of life. Why not ensure they are equally represented on EKN, and once the new board is formed, why not have a strategic planning session to redevelop or fine tune the mission statement or role? Actually, the mission should be reviewed and perhaps even voted on annually, or at regular intervals, to ensure the organization is meeting the needs of Estonian Canadians.
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