The Man Who Dared - Jón Baldvin Hannibalsson
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rare privilege18 Oct 2015 16:38
please share täismahus
Grain of salt19 Oct 2015 06:40
From a historical perspective this was interesting, but certainly not anywhere near "rare" or even historically "unique."
;19 Oct 2015 16:20
The world cherishes literature and cinema for the stories they tell because such stories narrate actions that reflect poignant, tell-tale, and sometimes tragic choices.

Hannibalsson is a master story-teller and a real statesman who boldly draws a unique lesson for our times from the re-independence of the Baltic states.
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;19 Oct 2015 17:17
With respect for other political leaders who appear in the film, it should be noted that MEP guidelines call for the use of these terms rather than "statesman" so as not to make invisible their participation.
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Toomas Merilo21 Oct 2015 18:55
Can somebody clarify the significance of the last comment regarding Members of European Parliament (MEP)?
Reformer22 Oct 2015 13:58
For an early (1991) concise analysis - reasons, guidelines for usage, and advice on implementing change - see ch. 1 "The Necessity for Reform":

The book about changing language and visual images to include women and their experiences is readily available in scholarly libraries. The fundamental idea about language that most scholars agree upon is that languages are intimately related to the societies and individuals who use them.

The example of "statesman" (in the comment above) treats male-as-norm. Thus in 1989 an established English medium paper reports on the actions and views of political leader "Mr" Marju Lauristen.

MEP guidelines for non-discriminatory language reinforce the commitment whereby each country decides on the form its election will take, but must guarantee a secret ballot and equality of the sexes.
Samalt IP numbrilt on siin varem kommenteerinud: rare privilege (16:38), ; (16:20), ; (17:17)
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