Estonian Central Council in Canada regarding future of Estonian House VIDEO
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Eestlane noorem kui 40. a.01 Oct 2015 22:20
Good interview! I hope the details discussed here don't violate the confidentiality agreement that was emphasized at last week's information session and re-emphasized at Wednesday's vote. It would be a shame if it did.
.02 Oct 2015 12:59
Markus Hess' leadership inspires confidence in the future of our community. He's a man demonstrated accomplishment and unquestioned integrity. We're lucky to have him in a position of leadership!

Allan Meiusi, by contrast, is a questionable character. He was a player in the long and drawn out campaign to destroy Ehatare. That affair has never had the public airing. We should view him with suspicion as he now plays the role of impartial reporter!
Kes oskab, teeb .....03 Oct 2015 09:24
.... kes ei oska, hindab!
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