EM board - negotiations with Tribute terminated, new LOI signed
Kommentaarid on kirjutatud EWR lugejate poolt. Nende sisu ei pruugi ühtida EWR toimetuse seisukohtadega.
aktsionar16 Sep 2015 10:32
and the saga continues ...
Ka aktsionär16 Sep 2015 13:52
Jah, saaga jätkub. On sul midagi targemat välja pakkuda? Ootan huviga.
..16 Sep 2015 15:16
Kudos for the board for rejecting what was apparently a bad deal. Sometime there is a pressure to get things done for the sake of getting them done. I'm sure everybody wants to move on, but the good news is that they have another developer that has signed the deal.
asja huviline16 Sep 2015 16:06
Hea kuulda et mistahes lepinguid ei võeta vastu. Tahaks teada mis riskidest on juttu.
aktsionaar16 Sep 2015 16:37
Loodetavasti on leping selle uue developeriga parem. Hea, et board ei läinud kergema vastupanu teed ja ei teinud lepingut lihtsalt sellepärast, et asjaga edas minna. Hea oleks teada, mille taha asi Tributega pidama jäi?
Guido Laikve29 Sep 2015 07:21
The vote is NO ! There can not be a better LOI, agreement or proposal then retaining the whole ownership of the land and the Eesti Maja for the use by the community.
Renovation is not only an option, but the only logical way to proceed. There would be minimal impact on users and tenants and the results would be not only be adequate but superb to meet the future needs of the community. The EM would not be closed for 5 or more years, but remain in continuous operation. We would remain owners of our own land and EH for the next 50 years !
sharholder30 Sep 2015 14:16
V.A. hr. Laikvee,
You are are a respected member of our community and I applaud your perseverance on this matter, but the fact is, that Esto House has NO money to fund the extensive renovations required.
Heating, plumbing, electrical are all very inconsistent and unreliable. This is VERY expensive stuff to fix.
Where do you propose we get the millions from to fix / renovate the Eesti Maja?
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