Kommentaarid on kirjutatud EWR lugejate poolt. Nende sisu ei pruugi ühtida EWR toimetuse seisukohtadega.
97% er15 Apr 2015 16:37
is no.
oki15 Apr 2015 17:40
Let the shareholders decide!16 Apr 2015 17:46
We have too many self-appointed big-shots and cheapskates who expect their opinion to hold sway, even though they are unwilling to belly up to the bar with some bucks.
arhitekt16 Apr 2015 06:22
Many of the 10 points have been answered exhaustively and most (97%) of the shareholders agreed. I'm not going to go over them again, but the main idea still stands: the money to rebuild and furnish has to come from somewhere. It can not come from the community fundraising (not enough donors) and it can not come from the proceeds of the condo sales alone. The only place it can come from is by unlocking the value of the land (i.e. selling it) and using this value (money) to build and furnish EM2
Eesti Maja shareholder19 Apr 2015 07:26
I find it hugely ironic that the "supporters of Toronto Eesti Maja" speak about transparency, yet they hide behind the moniker without revealing who they are.

Who are the ones not being transparent?
Shareholder & supporter of EM19 Apr 2015 19:24
I agree with the 10 points brought forth. I want to know exactly where in the Esto Bank's bylaws or whatever rules they are using does it say that their juhatus has a right to vote yes on behalf of their shareholders. I have an Esto bank account and was never asked my opinion. Now I'm in essence voting against myself. 97% means nothing since it is not truly reflective. AND, shame on you esto community for complaining and disagreeing around coffee tables and not coming out to meetings. Finally, I am led to believe that not all EM juhatuse members are in agreement with the direction - why are they not speaking out? Are they being bullied? I truly hope the due diligence falls through!
Auk21 Apr 2015 16:21
Didn't read any suggestions in there to solve any of the identified problems. Easy to hide behind some anonymous group name and lob criticism. the final statement suggest the fund raising is the solution, thanks for the article but 'show me the money'
Sad but true!22 Apr 2015 10:15
This discussion could be much simplified if the "right to be heard" were limited to shareholders and those willing to make a financial commitment to the matter.
It could be further simplified, if discussion were to proceed only in the Estonian language, so that "Estonians in name only" would remain on the sidelines.
There's a lesson for us here in the scandal that occurred at Ehatare: a gang with no stake in the institution tried to turn it into a sheltered workshop for a failed bar room singer looking for a soft landing.
The gang was energetic, relentless and unethical; the Board was gagged by privacy conventions; and Eesti Elu was intimidated and co-opted. To this day, the ugly details of the matter remain unexposed.
We must be vigilant, so that plans for a new Eesti Maja aren't misdirected to serve a minority faction.
Observer22 Apr 2015 12:13
"Failed bar singer" a little harsh don't you think?
And what is an "Estonian" living here in Canada? Has an official definition been given? If the same rules apply as those needed to get an Estonian passport, then language doesn't count!
Samalt IP numbrilt on siin varem kommenteerinud: Shareholder & supporter of EM (19:24)
to Observer22 Apr 2015 13:16
An ethnic Russian, born in Estonia, must pass a basic language proficiency test in Estonian to get an Estonian passport.
The offspring of Estonian refugees in Canada can get a passport without no proficiency in Estonian, nor any interest in developing any!
That sorry lot is now meddling in our affairs at Ehatare and Eesti Maja for their own purposes.
§22 Apr 2015 20:48
If and when financing for a new Eesti Maja is in place, our community will need money for a new Ehatare which, by law, must be built within a few years.
Let's get real! None of this is going to happen!
The best that can be hoped for is a new Ehatare built with the proceeds of a liquidated Eesti Maja.
What's more; it's only just! The hard-earned savings of the old folks in Ehatare built Eesti Maja. Now, they deserve some comfort in their old age.
Yet another project23 Apr 2015 07:44
In addition to a new Eesti Maja and Ehatare, our community newspaper, Eesti Elu, is also in need of reconstruction to restore reader confidence.
The moral monsters, that tried to hijack Ehatare to a nefarious purpose, succeeded in co-opting Eesti Elu.
The Estonian World Review is also involved, although its sins are those of omission.
Now that the court case against Ehatare has been resolved, there is no further justification for continued silence on this outrage.
Crimes have been committed by mobsters posing as "concerned Estonians". The same people can be seen lurking in the shadows of Eesti Maja. It's long overdue that they be exposed to the light of day by way of printer's ink.
Põline eestlane25 Apr 2015 03:33
Ei oska inglise keelt nii hästi, et midagi siin arvata.
NSVL (USSR) pass anti kõigile selle territooriumil elavatele inimestele ja midagi
ei küsitud. See oli kohustuslik.
Kes rääkis muus keeles kui vene keeles,
siis soovitati hakata tal inimese kombel rääkima, see tähendas siis vene keeles.
Eesti keelega NSVL-s kuigi kaugele ei jõudnud.
Tegelikult ei saa ma aru, millise keele peaksime eesti asja ajamiseks valima, sest rahvusvaheline olukord muutub kiiresti.
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