Please Join us to Celebrate Tamsalu's Birthday
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Dr. David A. Galbraith26 Apr 2012 07:17

RBG is Royal Botanical Gardens. We are located at 680 Plains Road West, Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our very informal celebration for Aleksander Tamsalu on Monday 30 April.

I invite you to read the biography of Mr. Tamsalu and learn more about his journey.

best wishes,

Dr. David A Galbraith
Head of Science
Royal Botanical Gardens
Tamsalu26 Apr 2012 09:43
Thank you for this! I knew nothing about this man.
What an interesting read (I read link to biography). Such detail into his history...the man led an interesting life.

Estonians value and respect nature highly.
Dr. David Galbraith27 Apr 2012 17:30
You are very welcome. Thank you for reading the biography, written by Mr. Lord. We are expecting him to join us on Monday for our toast to Mr. Tamaslu.
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