An excellent effort at setting the historical record straight!
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Observer27 Apr 2008 03:44
The Soerde article is particularly compelling reading. He doesnt mention his fellow deportees on June 14 in the article but more crimes were committed against them.

The policy of annihilating the Estonian male population is well told by Soerde in the way the policy was applied to a class of individuals - namely law graduates.

The crimes should be brought to the ICAH for trial even though the criminals have already died. Their accomplices are very old and the victims and their descendants cry out for justice.

This work should be gifted to all the young persons of Estonian descent to enable them to understand that the events described in the book were a precursor to annihilate the Estonian nation.

An inscription under Peter the Great's painting in the Hermitage in St Petersburg states that his only mistake was to let the people on the borders survive.

This book confirms that his successors tried their level best to rectify the mistake.
reader01 May 2008 10:56
I found the book a little too academic - long-winded. Not an easy read like "Carrying Linda's Stones" was.
(or maybe my choice of reading it on the cottage dock was not the right one)
Still, these stories need to be told and we need to read them so that the stories will never be forgotten.
Anonymous02 May 2008 06:23
A commendable effort indeed.
But preaching to the choir isn't exactly going to set any records straight. Other than Estonians, who is going to read this? Is there an effort to get this sold outside the community general store?
Observer08 May 2008 22:22
Asking around I heard the following comments and oddly enough some of them also mentioned Carrying Linda's Stones, which was circulated in Australia to ENUS members.

Firstly the book is a translation from Estonian by an academic, whose translation is to be neutal or non-biased as possible in comparison to CLS, which is closer to tghe original language (see story by Pats' daughter).

Both volumes of stories portray examples of the systematic sadism of the communist functionaries, ie not content to inflict catastrophic suffering on individuals, their diligent pusuit of family members are as neat as you will find examples of sadism, as you will get anywhere, eg treatment of Pats' grandson and treatment of Soerde on his return from Russian prison camp.

Of course the sadists think they are immune from retribution, as one of your reader's put it "are written for Estonians", in other words "what can Estonians do anyway?".

The answer is coming, in English it is a readership of billions and the stories are seeding retribution.

Like I said before, a basis for a case to put before the ICAH court in the Hague.
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