Väliskülaliste vastuvõtt ja juubeliball
Kommentaarid on kirjutatud EWR lugejate poolt. Nende sisu ei pruugi ühtida EWR toimetuse seisukohtadega.
Anonymous11 Jan 2008 11:20
Kui palju maksab juubeliballi pilet?
Anonymous11 Jan 2008 23:29
Paistab et on vaba kuna hinda ei ole avaldatud.
Anonymous12 Jan 2008 12:49
Not sure I'd feel right about celebrating this anniversary with an organization who is -according to Peter Van Loan- working actively against the Estonian community.
Anna Nüüm13 Jan 2008 18:48
Aktusele peaks ikkagi minema iga eestlane!
Anonüümsele14 Jan 2008 10:04
Active, consistent discrediting of EKN during the occupation years was organized by VEKSA, a branch of the KGB tasked with neutralizing emigre community efforts at lobbying western governments. The seemingly glib and off-hand comments about EKN abandoning lobbying activity and even insisting that Canadian politicians refrain from speaking out about Estonia is the work of someone who might have the same insterests as VEKSA did years ago - let Moscow's voice be heard above all. At first we thought that the comments were of a sicky. Now they might be those of a sleeper.
Anna Nüüm14 Jan 2008 10:23
That's a very scary thought!
In light of Russian policies of the day (Nashi et al) regarding Estonia and Estonians, I wouldn't discount it.
Perhaps we've been feeling too secure for the past 17 (give or take) years and need to be more vigilant.
*14 Jan 2008 13:12
The EKN of 2007-8 is not the same as the very active EKN of the 1980s !
Anonymous14 Jan 2008 13:33
It's absurd to suggest that "VEKSA" has infiltrated the EKN.
Albert15 Jan 2008 08:20
I don't think that anybody suggested VEKSA has infriltated EKN. It was pointed out that similar to VEKSA in years past the current campaign of discrediting EKN may be the work of a deep cover sleeper - for whom, is not easy to say - perhaps loyalists of Savisaar who has never been able to win the confidence of Estonians abroad? A Canadian political party that would benefit from defeating Van Loan? The Russian embassy that perceives the Estonians in the west as rabidly anti-Moscow? And so on.
Anonymous15 Jan 2008 08:36
I rather think that we have a case of a sleepy EKN! I've never heard of a nuttier defense for inaction.
Anonymous15 Jan 2008 08:51
Using VEKSA to deflect focus from the issue of accountability is simply offensive. EKN receives its mandate from the Estonian community. As such it should reflect the will of this community to ask our government to support Estonia in a time of crisis. In April, according to Van Loan, it did the opposite.

Instead of desperately seeking for an absurd phantom scapegoat, why is there a stubborn unwillingness to answer the serious allegation by a Minister of the Canadian government in the article found here?:
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