Kommentaarid on kirjutatud EWR lugejate poolt. Nende sisu ei pruugi ühtida EWR toimetuse seisukohtadega.
Anonymous29 Dec 2007 08:52
I don't understand this. If it's our mission to raise awareness of Estonian issues, why would EKN, according to Peter Van Loan, be asking the Canadian government to ignore Estonian issues?
Maxim.29 Dec 2007 11:29
The answer to this question lies in the fact that Russia is kicking butt and throwing its weight around like it hasn't done for years. The most crucial issue in European politics at the moment is the issue of how the transition of the Russian Presidency will take place. The Finnish economy is presently reeling, because of pressure from Russia that it purchase her timber, and until Finland takes notice of Russia's demands, things will continue to deteriorate in Finland. The same kinds of economic pressures (which fortunately have nothing to do with the Pronkssõdur affair-according to an interview I heard with Ansip; and I believe he is telling the truth) are facing the Baltic States, Poland, and I think that in order to avoid any kind of trouble whatsoever in the future, Harper understands that Estonia can do as she wishes, but Canada is also an independent country and is free to make political choices, even though they may not be in the interests of the Balts or other ethnic groups. Since China and Russia are now in a close trading relationship, it is likely that the Chinese community in Canada is the least interested in the govt. changing her political tack, and to all intents and purposes is definitely supporting Harper for all the obvious reasons. Estonia is too small and far too insignificant to warrant attention. Besides, the Canadian govt. probably feels they have done all they can to help us, which is fair enough. We can't expect them to do more than global interests dictate them to do. We're lucky we've had as much support as we have had.
TP30 Dec 2007 18:22
This is outrageous. I'm stunned that our community hasn't been informed of this and has not demanded an internal EKN investigation into these allegations. If this is true, it would mean that the EKN is actually working against everything that Laas says here. Which leads to the next question: What is Laas' postion or was he "in touch" with Van Loan?
Anonymous29 Dec 2007 16:23
The Estonian community in Canada is very fortunate to have so many articulate and intelligent advocates for their cause.
Anonymous29 Dec 2007 16:28
When Laas retires, I hope that Maxim takes his place.
Anonymous29 Dec 2007 22:06
Why is this man slurring his words?
Anonymous30 Dec 2007 05:20
Be careful what you say. It appears EE has started to erase comments that are not complimentary.
tt30 Dec 2007 12:06
Noh, ma sooviks kuulda mis tarka juttu teil on eesti rahvale pakkuda.
Kui meie kanadas oleme huvitad jääda ka eestlaseks, siis teemad mida Laas ausalt ja südamlikult avaldas peame arutama.
IMuidugi, igal ühel on ka enda erinevad perspektiivid ja arvamused.
Aga et keegi teeb mõttetu 'drive by shooting' ilma et midagi ise välja esitab, näitab ainult tühjust.
A231 Dec 2007 04:44
Elasin pikka aega Canadas. Samuti on mul seal sugulased. Paljud neist on manala teele läinud. Tundes sealseid inimesi küllalt hästi, teades seda vihkamist, mida nad kommunismi ja kommunistide kuritegevuste vastu tunnevad, on täiesti arusaamatu mis toimub EKN-ga. Vähe veel sellest, et nad jagavad aurahasid ja toetust endistele juhtkommunistidele soovivad nad siis et Canada valitsus ignoreeriks siin toimuvat. Ma ei saa lihtsalt aru mis toimub? Kas keegi saaks selgitada?
Anonymous31 Dec 2007 05:22
Peter Van Loan's allegation calls for an explanation, and the sooner the better.
I intend to ask for one, personally, when the EKN asks me for financial support.
Maxim.31 Dec 2007 06:06
I think it was a nice gesture of the Canadian-Estonians to send Christmas parcels to the Afgan Estonian soldiers. Most Estonians would agree that it was a nice thought, and probably think that that is of great importance in contributing something to the Estonian cause. Maybe there could be more gestures of this kind more frequently through the year. There are many MTÜ-s that need assistance. To my way of thinking the EKN should be planning to do more practical things for Estonia, rather than doing something political, which carries much less weight with it these days. Sorry guys, but that's just the way it is now in Estonia.
Anonymous31 Dec 2007 08:46
EKN ei saatnud pakke. See oli Ülo Isbergi tegu.

Ülo on Toronto Eesti Seltsi juhataja ja Toronto Eesti Maja manager.

EKN on rahvuspoliitiline organisatsioon. Nende mandaat on teha poliitilist tööd. Nemad ei tegele pakkide saatmistega ega teiste organisatsioonide abistamisega.
Maxim.01 Jan 2008 13:21
Palun teatage millised EKN-i poliitilised otsused on muutunud Eesti sisest olukorda? Ma ei mõtle siinkohal vene okupatsiooni ajastu lõpp, vaid Eesti iseseisvusaja jooksul? Näiteks viimase kahe aasta jooksul. Mina ei tea et EKN-i otsused oleks mingil kombel mõjutanud Eesti poliitikaelu. Kas see on EKN-i eesmärk? Milline on selle EKN-i vastuvõetud poliitiliste otsuste eesmärk? Siin on väga palju ebaselgust. Kui te olete isemajandav organisatsioon, siis võite teha mida iganes soovid. Aga kui te teete koostööd Eesti poliitiliste valdkondadega, siis ka kodumaa eestlastel on õigus sellest teada. Minu meelest EKN-is on tekkinud liiga palju arusaamatusi ja vaidlusi mis nüristab mingisugust kohaliku organisatsiooni koostöövõimalust. Kahju, aga sellised grupeeringud ei suuda kaua eksisteerida sellisel alusel.
Rain02 Jan 2008 18:12
Am I the only one alarmed by the fact that there hasn't been any official EKN reaction or defense against the serious accusation levelled by Van Loan? By the lack of any "official" comment on this, can we assume that what Van Laon said is true: that the current EKN leadership is actually working against the Estonian community's interests - by design or ignorance?
I'm with you Rain, but03 Jan 2008 06:40
I don't know what can be done about it.
Rain03 Jan 2008 08:04
A petition by the community, stating that the EKN no longer represents the interests of this community - that would be a start.
starting to get angry03 Jan 2008 09:56
This story is so strange that (a) it's not true, or, (b) there's an explanation that casts it in a completely different light.
So, why can't the EKN make a statement about it?
Maxim.03 Jan 2008 10:59
OK-if Harper could give an explanation about Canada's position in terms of her own interests, it would help clear the air a little. But I think that the EKN probably knows there isn't much more that the govt, is willing to do in Estonia's interests, and mincing words has a short use-by date as everyone knows. Laas has always done his best, and the Canadian govt. also knows that since Estonia joined to EU, it should be out of most of the problems that in the past it needed help from countries like Canada. I don't see why everyone is getting upset with the EKN when it is clear that they do not have a mandate from Heaven or a red phone to Harper's office. Be reasonable please.
Anonymous03 Jan 2008 11:34
It is one thing to "fall asleep at the wheel," it is quite another for EKN to ostensibly work actively against Estonia's and the community's interests.

Acording to Van Loan, there is a hotline, and it was used to tell the government to ignore Estonia.

The issue is not what the government did or did not do (morally they did have an obligation to support Estonia vis-a-vis NATO collective security prinicples), but whether a member of parliament is lying to cover his own lack of action or if EKN is working against its own mandate. And that, is a very serious question.
Anonymous02 Jan 2008 10:27
"Nende mandaat on teha poliitilist tööd." Nii siis Estore on poliitiline töö.
Anna Nüüm03 Jan 2008 11:34
Kas keegi kes siin on kommenteerinud on isegi Laasi kõnet kuulanud?
See jutt on täielikult eemal sellest millest Laas kõneleb.
Teiseks, Laas kõneleb Aukonsolina, mitte EKN esindajana.
Teema, millest Laas kõneleb on tähtis ja vajaks meie ühiskonna tähelpanu, mitte lapsikut kooliaia näpunäitamist ja norimist.
Tõesti on vaja tõmmata ligi noori eesti päritoluga inimesi, kes tugendaks meie ühiskonda ja kes isegi võiks Eestisse minna oma karjäärideks, toetuseks Eesti riigile.
Laas on oma elu pühendanud eestlusele ja Eestile. Näidake temale au ja avaldage tänu.
Te teete häbi ja alaväärtlustate tema ja teiste tublide eestlaste tööd teie kommentaaridega!

Saage paremaks!
Anonymous03 Jan 2008 11:45
Laas on muidugi tubli, sellest pole kusimust! AGA, palun nimeta kuidas seda juttu saab tosiselt votta kui niisugused suured moraalsed kusimus margid ujuvad selgitumatta meie uhiskonnas?
Anna Nüüm03 Jan 2008 11:59
Selleks loodi siia EE lehele foorum - aruteluks.
Kommentaarid mis on lehe sisus, peaks siiski olema "on topic".
Samuti, võiks küsida EKN'u juhatuselt otseselt.
Eesti Elu peaks intervjueerima Avot nendes küsimustes ja avaldama paberiväljaandes kui ka EE's online.
Rain03 Jan 2008 12:07
As a community member who votes and contributes $$ to EKN, I have every right to ask questions, as do the few other thousand who do the same.

Is it really that outrageously unreasonable to simply ask for some accountability on this issue?
Maxim.03 Jan 2008 13:18
The EKN should be accountable to Estonia's interests, not to Harper. He hardly knows a thing about what's going down over here, nor does he really care one iota. It seems obvious to me that if Ansip is such a big hit in Toronto, then it might be worth considering hitching onto the Reformist bandwagon, and get some bucks thrown in for good measure. It seems as though the local breed of politician is hard to persuade one way or another, but Ansip would be glad to take the EKN on board as an extension of the present govt's interests. Deal with the people that count, not the ones who don't give a brass razoo about us.
Anna Nüüm03 Jan 2008 13:59
Simply requesting that this conversation be taken to the forum, rather than taking attention away from the real content of the article.
I agree that they should be accountable. I support them as well, and vote in their elections.
Rain03 Jan 2008 21:00
I agree with the last sentence, although I'm not sure what a razoo is.

As for the last comment: Notwithstanding my my support for the giant upon whose shoulders this community stands upon, this thread has everything to do with the subject of the "article."
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