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Anonymous15 Oct 2007 08:11
Did they discuss strategies for further encouraging the Canadian government to "lay-low" and remain silent on Estonian issues?

This group no longer represents our community. It's a group of people with a common interest in "power" without having any influence on anything or anyone. The only thing that EKN has done effectively in the past years is to be a constant source of embarassment both locally and in Estonia.
Ted16 Oct 2007 08:16
Anonymous reminds one of the shrill and ever noxious comments about exile Estonians by VEKSA and affiliated anonymous spoksemen during Estonia's Soviet occupation. Discredit, discredit, discredit, eventually you might win some over.
Anonymous16 Oct 2007 10:22
Under the cover of anonymity, it would be unfair to single out individuals for criticism. Yet, I must say that, while the EKN is doing what it can to preserve our community, the behaviour of some individuals is having the opposite effect. On more than one occasion, I've been treated with haughtiness that can fairly be described as rude. As a result, I avoid these people in so far as possible. My participation in the Estonian community is at the informal level.
A significant percentage of those who grow up in the Estonian community simply disappear as adults. The EKN should address that. To some extent, it has become a self-perpetuating clique of self important people -- and there are Estonians who know that as well. At Tallinn's airport, I was greeted by someone who said, "Nüüd sa kohtad normaalseid eestlasi" because, during his visit to Canada, he met a comic figure who strutted about like Colonel Blimp and spoke like the Estonian equivalent of Private Gomer Pyle.
Anna Nüüm16 Oct 2007 13:53
You're very right. EKN should define it's mandate more clearly to the public it is supposed to represent and address the very real concerns that we, as a community, are facing. These are not only limited to fancy dinner parties with politicians, but to the real work of preserving our community and making sure we bring Estonian-Canadians back into our fold rather than shunning those who "aren't as important as we are".
If it is a miscoception that those in power are arrogant and holier than thou, then there is an image problem that needs to be dealt with - with some genuine action.
Anna is Right16 Oct 2007 14:06
We have individuals like - what was it? - oh, yes! "Col Blimp" who does nothing even when it is obvious WHAT ought to be done. On the other hand, of all the candidates, nobody wishes to challenge the incumbent chairman. How many years of Avo can we take?
Anna Nüüm16 Oct 2007 14:31
We have very competent people in EKN and I know they have the potential for doing good things. I hope they will listen to the very concerned voices here in the www, who have spoken and pleaded for some real action.
I know it isn't easy to be in the limelight and held accountable. It really IS a thankless position, but please prove your critics wrong and create some committees to address - not just talk about - ADDRESS our concerns.
Toomas Merilo16 Oct 2007 18:38
Almost 10 years ago, my good friend Tönu Parming passed away. He too felt that the time for “Central Organizations” like EKN had passed… And that was in 1998.

I respect his opinion. But at my own peril, I disagree... respectfully (how can I compete with a PhD and Professor who had degrees from Princeton and Yale, who served two tours of duty in Viet Nam, leaving with the rank of Major in the Green Berets (Special Forces)).

But in this I feel certain and therefore I do dare:

EKN continues to have a role, but has not done so effectively... considering that they have a full time salaried chairman and a respected “political advisor”, who should be spending, say, no less than 2 hours every day seven (yes seven!) days a week lobbying or building contacts or figuring out something constructive. i.e. being politically useful.

Sadly, this is not what’s happening. Not anymore. Laas I respect, but his plate is full with the Konsul thing. Avo is immersed in his shop and at appearing at every photo-opportunity that presents itself. And before anybody says to me “Kus viga näed laita, seal mine ja aita”, I dropped out of EKN for medical reasons. that now seem to be resolved.

I had been approached by more than one individual to run for the EKNi esimehe position. But health issues intervened. In the mean time the surgery was successful, so I will be running again in future EKN elections.

Given continued support, I will challenge the incumbent for his position.
Rx16 Oct 2007 19:42
With all due respect, EKN is finished for all but those in the organization who bask in the delusion of some demented "power".

When Van Loan said that the EKN had asked the Government to do nothing in May they lost all credibility in this community.

The time has come -in fact long passed- to let go go of EKN and start fresh . . . perhaps from the ground up. The EKN of giants like Laas Leivat has since been dragged through the mud and left to choke on its own self inflicted redundance.

And while you are a fine, fine man and thinker Toomas: I'm afraid that the task of rehabilitating EKN's position, image and purpose is beyond your, or any other person's ability.

Van Loan's confession was the final nail in this organization's coffin.
Vana Eestlaselt16 Oct 2007 21:39
Toomas, võtta roosad prillid ninalt ja mõtle asja kainelt läbi.
Anonymous16 Oct 2007 11:13
The EKN should be working to develop our ties with Estonia and our ability to speak the language -- if Estonians is what we want to be.
Anonymous16 Oct 2007 15:05
Let's be realistic -- our community is too small to have a voice in Ottawa. Still, we're very lucky to be here in Canada. There are Estonian communities in Russia that would trade places with us on the spot. So we should work with what we've got. Much has changed since our community arrived here in the fifties. Much changed again when Estonia regained its independence. Its long overdue that the EKN paused and reassessed its mandate. Regrettably, were only human and would like to live in comfortable fantasies. With that and a toonie, you can get on the bus.
Anonymous16 Oct 2007 17:02
Peter Van Loan is a Canadian Parliamentarian and, probably, a fine citizen. When the EKN described him as a "true blue Estonian", I thought that they were having a bit of fun with us, because he can't speak a word of Estonian, in spite of having an Estonian mother.
Anonymous16 Oct 2007 19:38
Tõnu Parming was a catastrophic loss to our community.
Good to hear that Toomas Merilo intends to step into the gap that he left. I hope that Anna Nüüm joins him.
Anna Nüüm17 Oct 2007 07:21
Wow! Thanks for that! As you can see, I, unlike Toomas Merilo, write under the cover of a pen name, because I don't like being approached in the halls of Eesti Maja or wherever, by people who disagree with me. It's much easier to write comments, where I can change what I write after re-reading it, as oposed to having to give a response on the spot, risking saying something totally innane.
My plate's pretty full, so no EKN position for me in the forseeable future.
to Anna Nüüm17 Oct 2007 09:56
You aren't quite as anonymous as you think that you are. I know you "in real life" and that's why I think that you'd make a good contribution to the EKN.
Anna Nüüm17 Oct 2007 10:21
Am I that easily recognizable?
Lets be honest17 Oct 2007 10:25
Sometimes he posts under his own name, but far more often he puts in anonymous posts as well.
Just like Maxim, he has his own personal style.
A.N.17 Oct 2007 11:12
The joys of being part of a small community!
to - let's be honest17 Oct 2007 12:16
I'm reluctant to believe that Toomas Merilo posts anonymously. It's simply not his personal style. Can you point to a specific post that you believe to be his?
Maxim.17 Oct 2007 04:40
If the Canadian govt wishes to keep in good stead with Europe and Eurasia, it is important that it do as little criticizing of them as possible. In this sense van Loan did the right thing by his government, who has big stakes in Russian business exchange. Estonia is being bombarded by Russia on a scale that is totally preposterous by EU standards, yet there is no-one anywhere who is standing up to Russia. This infuriates me incredibly! Yet there are too many people (even potentially within the EKN) who are blowing out of both sides of their mouth. On the one hand they support strong statements against Russia, but on the other they want to maintain fantastic relations with her. Estonia's real independence "as an EU member" is soon to be put to the test. As far as I'm concerned, if Russia gets its way with the gas pipeline construction, then the EU has been a complete and utter failure to Estonia! If, on the other hand there are Estonians abroad who are prepared to stick up for Estonian interests (even if this means arguing bitterly against the EU for failing to protect Estonian and European interests against Russia) then the EKN has a good chance of upping its appeal in the eyes of our community. However, I have strong reservations, because there are too many people in Canada willing to go to any and all lengths with the EU believing it is a kind of heaven on earth for Estonia.
Another observer17 Oct 2007 12:43
As usual, Maxim hits hard and hits with a trail-blaising truth that is hard to contradict. If the EU compromises on the gas pipeline, there will be reason to doubt the usefulness of continuing a relationship with the European Union. The EKN should take up this issue as one of utmost urgency.
to another17 Oct 2007 14:12
Maxim. You are so obvious from your spelling errors, syntax, logic and you are the only one in the world who thinks you are smart.
don't stop there, Maxim!17 Oct 2007 16:17
When the EKN takes up this matter of utmost urgency, what should it do?
Give us more "trail blaising" truth Maxim! (And make a fool of yourself.)
Anonymous17 Oct 2007 18:46
I usually find these childish posts, well . . . childish.
However, there is a good point here: what on earth would EKN do with this issue if they can't even handle the simplest of local issues right here on their own doorstep!
to Peter18 Oct 2007 14:35
Which posts are childish? Maxim's, or the others'?
SOS19 Oct 2007 03:25
Is there any possibility that Estonia may not end up with a gas pipeline running through her territory? Most Estonians I have spoken with are fervently against the proposition. Why isn't there more protesting against this ridiculous proposal of committing the Baltics to a dependency on Russia just because businessmen in Europe see the venture as being in their best interests. Friends of the EKN-we need your help NOW!!!!!!!
Anonymous19 Oct 2007 07:17
And what are we to do?
We need leadership to guide us!
Maximus19 Oct 2007 08:39
Is there any possibility that Estonia may not end up with a gas pipeline running through her territory?

The Estonian government rejected Nordstream' application to do a survey of the sea floor a couple of weeks ago. The government is against the pipeline and it doesn't seem likely that it will run through Eesti's territorial water unless something changes dramatically.
SOS19 Oct 2007 09:30
The chances of that happening are pretty high. If Putin is bent on pronouncing the pipeline construction is running to schedule, what does he mean by that? Why is it only England and not Merkel's Germany that has left Estonia essentially in the cold regarding bi-lateral agreements with Russia? Why does the EU turn into a toothless tiger everytime it has to confront Russia??
lambakari19 Oct 2007 10:38
euroopa liidu liikmesriigid-lambad (peale poola !) alluvad venemaale lootusega et tulevikus neil voolaks odav õli ja bensiin
kahjuks nad unustavad ära mis juhtub neile kui nad kunagi midagi moskva soovide vastu teeks
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