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Asja huviline08 Jun 2007 08:49
Seda on lubatud ligi aasta. Kas see on tulemas või mitte???
MH08 Jun 2007 13:25
Sadly, in the article EKN prominently mentions its role in working for Estonia’s security. “EKN-i tegevuse ja selgitustöö aktuaalses päevakorras on muu hulgas kodumaa riiklik turvalisus, mis hiljuti äratas maailma tähelepanu seoses punaarmee mälestise teisaldamisega.”

It would seem that EKN considers it a significant achievement that all it did was have Laas write an e-mail to Foreign Minister Peter McKay that went out under Avo’s name. Just about everybody else feels that it is an embarrassment that so little was done, It does not help that the government ignored EKN’s letter.

Of course we have heard the excuse that Laas and Avo left for Estonia a week or two later and could not really do much more. This ignores the fact that EKN’s first Vice-President, Johannes Pahapill, remained behind but chose to do absolutely nothing (except write about some Saarlaste pidu).

Why EKN should have chosen a failure like this to trumpet defies all reason.
Anonymous09 Jun 2007 09:04
Let's be realistic about what the EKN can and should be doing. Granted, a letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs about our concerns as Estonian-Canadians might not seem like much, but what more can be done?
Asjast huvitatud.09 Jun 2007 10:12
Perhaps writing about Saarlaste pidu is just the kind of response that heeded the street riots from turning worse! After all, Saaremaa is a great place to go especially if you're under enormous pressure and stress walking the streets of Tallinn wondering what your next worthwhile break in might include.
To: Anonymous09 Jun 2007 11:38
What else could be done? Well for starters, how about a letter writing campaign to local MP's.

On, sorry, that was done, but by a private individual and NOT by EKN.

Not that it mattered though.
Tänulik09 Jun 2007 13:54
Ühinen 100 protsendiliselt eelmise kommentaariga, “To: Anonymous 09 Jun 2007 11:38.”

Minu seisukohalt tegi Toomas Heinsoo hiilgava töö ara. Tänu Toomale minagi saatsin oma parlamendi liikmele (Peggy Nash) kirja, kasutades tema (ja prof. Altosaare) näidiskirju.

Mitu korda päevas mina ja minu sõbrannad sain Tooma käest uudiseid toimuva kohta Tallinnas ja maailmas ning pronkssõduri teisaldamise tagajärgedest üldiselt. Tuhat tänu!!! Aga, mida salata, ka mina arvan, et seda oleks pidanud organiseerima EKN. Kas nendel pole palgatud inimesed selle jaoks????
to: Tanulik10 Jun 2007 10:49
Kipun arvama, et ajate Toomas Heinsoo segi Toomas Merilooga. Merilo saatis teateid välja kogu rahutuste aja.

Võibolla, Heinsoo saatis neid edasi?
q10 Jun 2007 17:12
Yup. EKN went down hill ever since Laas left as esimees.
Anonymous10 Jun 2007 15:25
Jah Toomas Merilo oli e-mailide autor MP'de suhtes .
ex10 Jun 2007 21:05
Seda ei saa küll uskuda kahjuks,
Lia11 Jun 2007 08:26
More work is done behind the scenes by EKN than can be imagined by those who are constantly complaining.
But most importantly....EKN is voted by the people. If you don't vote, don't expect any changes.
Anna11 Jun 2007 11:02
"More work is done behind the scenes by EKN than can be imagined"
Unfortunately, whatever is being done can't be seen.
I DO vote and I DO participate and stay informed, yet I feel they aren't doing enough.
Hosting parties for MPs and dignitaries is not enough. (especially now that we see that these same "friends" of the Estonian people don't even step up to the plate when we need and request their help)
EKN needs to reenergize and hopefully, the few new candidates on the roster can get that energy going.
.11 Jun 2007 13:54
Work behind the scenes? Come-on Lia..... we saw what goes on “behind the scenes” when the Bonze Statue crisis struck..... nothing!! Absolutely nothing!! Anybody notice that with Priit gone nothing really gets done? Avo goes to every photo op available, but does he do anything significant? Not on your life!!!!
Concerned voter12 Jun 2007 13:58
Lia wrote: More work is done behind the scenes by EKN than can be imagined by those who are constantly complaining…

In response, Lia, people often assume that others are like themselves. I know that ESK takes up a lot of time of time and takes a lot of “behind the scenes” work.

For that, thank you!

But you are not at the Eesti Maja five days a week and you don’t see what goes on there. But rest assured, you do more “real” work than Avo. ESK functions, but EKN does so only on the level of appearances. Hopefully the newly elected board will choose a more capable esimees.
Anonymous11 Jun 2007 11:24
I think EKN has an important role , even today. As the political landscape in the world is always changing , so does EKN . As a small nation we have to keep ourselves on the radar screen. EKN just sometimes take more than their share of the credit for all the good things that have happened in Estonia. But other than that....carry on ! Jõudu tööle !
to: anonymous11 Jun 2007 15:15
EKN just isnt doing what their supposed to. It is curious that a organisation who says because of them that Estonia now has visa free travel to Canada couldnt get anyone in parlement to speak up on Estonias behalf during the past crises.
Scrutator11 Jun 2007 18:37
"More work is done behind the scenes by EKN than can be imagined"

Do you really believe that?? Do the secret parking lot meetings produce more than just smoke...
JK18 Jun 2007 11:19
Keeping us on the radar??!
Our community has disappeared all together! EKN and Laas weren't even capable of taking a stance as Putin was pouring thugs into Tallinn!!
Lia11 Jun 2007 14:09
I completely agree that 'much more' could and should be done. Public relations and socializing is a small part of EKN, not it's only function.
Agreed12 Jun 2007 06:26
Scrutinator - If it weren't so sad, it would be a joke.
Maxim.12 Jun 2007 14:33
Just look at these comments and be astonished, dear reader! The only other time I remember so much controversy in political arguments is when a former Russian fraction of the Government couldn't work towards sorting out its differences, and collapsed. Sounds like the same is true for EKN if its key supporters are like the people complaining here.
Maxim.12 Jun 2007 14:34
That Russian fraction of course is the one belonging to Toompea, not downtown Toronto for those who didn't pick up on the diff..
to Maxim12 Jun 2007 15:01
Maxim, keep your nose out of it.
You aren't a part of this. If it's broke, let us fix it. (and I'm sure we will) It really doesn't concern you.
The New Age Cometh12 Jun 2007 15:38

Well the best gift to Estoville would be the under 30-crowd mounting a campaign to get a new esimees for EKN. Let’s get EVERYONE out to vote!! But who would be a suitable esimees?
To: New Age12 Jun 2007 17:47
Markus Hess would be the ideal candidate: impeccable credentials (what with his Black Ribbon Day background and proven track record in organizing and getting results). Other than that, how about Toomas Merilo or Ruho Paluoja?
Re: Kandidaadid12 Jun 2007 18:57
Hess would be the "esimees to die for". Merilo isn't running. But Ruho Paluoja has exceptional depth and breadth in terms of political contacts (CPC).

Other than Hess, there are no ideal candidates, but Ruho would be a damn sight better than "what we have" as esimees.

But work on Hess!!! We need him!!! Desparately.

As of April 20, the candidates were (as reported by EE):

ENDE, Rein
HESS, Markus
HOGG, David
KIPPER, Charles
KIVIK, Marta
KOMI, Piret
LEPP, Jaan
OTSA, Katrin
PAARA, Heikki
PAHAPILL, Johannes
TAE, Eero
TAE, Margus
JK13 Jun 2007 20:17
What are you drinking? I'd like some of that.
strateegiline13 Jun 2007 08:55
tarvitus on tagasihoidlikult. Kuigi teil on kuni 25 häält, see ei tähenda et te peate kõike kasutama.

Õieti seda vähem mida te kasutate seda mõjukamad nad on, nende heaks kellele te neid annate.

Hääleta ainult nendele keda te kindlasti ja tõesti tahate näha võitjatena. Las teised hääletavad nende teiste eest kellel teil "pole midagi vastu", jne.

Oleks ka hea ja ilus kui EKN (või EE) annaks igale kandidaatile ühte neti lehekülge kuhu nad võiksid oma mõtteid ja seisukohti meiega jagada.

Ma tunnen suurem enamus neid kandidaate isiklikult (kes nad on, mida nad teevad, jne) aga pole aimugi mida nad tegelikult arvavad EKN'u käekäigust.
Lia13 Jun 2007 13:39
Selles valimistes oleks just eriti t'ahtis teada mis on era kandidaatide visoon EKN'ile.
Enamute kandidaatidega on ro'hutatud peamiselt ainult mineviku saavutusi.
Anonymous13 Jun 2007 17:00
Ja -ja ....., Lia, nõustun , aga mineviku saavutused näitavad et oled võimeline lubadused läbi viima. Mõnel jääb visjoon ja lubadused vaid auruks .
Mõlemaid on vaja .
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