5th Eh!U film festival in Toronto screening Estonia’s GEORG (4)
Eestlased Kanadas 17 Nov 2009  EWR
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GEORG Tuesday December 1 // 6:00 pm at The Royal

Director: Peeter Simm
With: Marko Matvere, Anastasia Makeyeva,
Renars Kaupers, Elle Kull
2007, 107 minutes

Opera singer Georg Ots' captivating, rich baritone made him a household name throughout the Soviet Union. In this biographical drama, his story is seen through the eyes of his former wife and tells of the singer's stratospheric rise to fame, his turbulent marriages, as well as his dealings with the totalitarian Soviet state. He was forced by mobilization to join the Red Army after the Soviet occupation of Estonia in 1940 and, despite gaining fame in the USSR and Finland, he was denied a chance to perform in the rest of Europe.

Visit the festival’s website for more information and the complete slate of showings:

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