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50 years of Esto racing celebrated at Sugarbush
Eestlased USAs 05 Apr 2012  Eesti Elu
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We had a total of 180 people at dinner on Saturday along with 75 racers ranging from age 7 to 76. Speaking of racers…I need to correct the record on a few of our races which fell victim to implementing a new excel format for sorting and aggregating results.

 - pics/2012/04/35887_001_t.jpg

Men – 40’s - Thomas Vilms was awarded the Esto bronze medal but actually came in 2nd for silver with time 30.65 and Ilmar Tamm goes from silver to bronze with time of 31.82

Jaan & Lauren Talvet - Both got mixed in with skiers but were boarders. Lauren’s time of 53.89 gets her a bronze Esto medal and Jaan 42.21 also gets a bronze (women-30’s & men 24-36) Both medals were awarded in a special ceremony in the parking lot on Sunday morning!

Last but not least…, the Best Snowboarder Trophy was awarded to Curran Fallon who posted a super result of 35.27. As it turns out, one of our other boarders – Ian Martins - had exactly the same time as Curran! And I might add, it’s the first time I’ve seen that happen in Esto racing!

That said…in reading the results off the spreadsheet at the awards ceremony…I managed to switch Curran and Ian’s time on the 2nd run meaning Ian had the better result and hence gets the trophy! My bad! So Curran and Ian…please accept my apologies and Ian, we’ll try to photo-shop you into the picture that’s going into the NY Estonian Newspaper. BTW…the Snowboarder Trophy is already in Ian’s hands!

So…wrapping up…Aini and I would like to thank you all one more time for attending and send you our best wishes for a great spring and summer season.

Hope to see everyone at Lakewood Spordipaevad - Aug 3 to 6.
Personal notes from Andrus Ers

PS…a few more items to note:

0. Esto Racing T-shirts & hats – still available for $20 each + shipping. Just reply to this email with any requests.

0. Video...Esto Racing 50 Years- For sale - $20 + shipping

0. Speaking of videos…check out the Sugarbush clip Thomas Vilms has posted:

0. Be on the lookout for Esto Mountain Sports FaceBook page coming soon!
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