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25th ESTO golf tournament
Eestlased Kanadas 04 Aug 2011 TTEesti Elu
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On a very hot and steamy Saturday, July 23 afternoon, the longest running Esto golf tournament in Ontario, the S.S. Kalev Open held its 25th annual version this year at Batteaux Creek outside the village of Nottawa. Of the 32 participants, several strong players who had won many Ontario Esto golf tournaments in the past were again in this year’s line-up. However this year there was a new winner as 18 year old Adam Migur shot an impressive 75 to distance himself from the rest of the field. Next year when Adam returns to defend his championship, he will be of the age where he too could become susceptible to adult beverages, an additional hazard that most players had to carefully wade through.

Post golf, family and friends joined the golfers for a friendly gathering at the Georgian Bay-side villas of Peeter Toome and sister-in-law Mailiis Toome. After a delicious meal, the distribution of golf prizes, and the conclusion of important golf and Elvis talk, Lembit Nieländer pulled out his accordion and played at the faux (Roosi Lindau created) campfire, accompanied by several Ööbik choir members. As darkness fell, singers of all ages emerged and combined to sing Esto folks songs, traditional and new. A grand time was had by all!
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