235 Years of U.S. Marine Corps History and Traditions
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Embassy of the U.S. Tallinn
U.S. Ambassador Michael C. Polt welcomed Embassy staff and Estonian friends to the U.S. Marine Corps Formal Ball this past weekend in celebrating the 235th anniversary of the birth of the United States Marine Corps (USMC). Key guests of the event included Minister of Defense Jaak Aaviksoo, British Ambassador Peter Carter, as well as active duty soldiers from the Estonian Defense Forces, including several of those that have been wounded in combat. The Ambassador highlighted the importance of addressing the needs and challenges of our "wounded warriors," who return home to reenter their nations' societies.

Photos of the event are available on Estonian online publication Delfi (http://pilt.delfi.ee/album/195...)

There is a long history tying the Marine Corps to the Department of State. The Marine Security Guard program has been in place since December 1948, but the Marine Corps' joint history with American diplomacy goes back to the early days of our nation. From their first military-diplomatic engagement in 1805 to the present day, U.S. Marines have served consistently on special missions to protect Americans around the world.

But the success of current missions depends now more than ever on the partnership with our allies. In Afghanistan, our Marines are at the center of U.S. military efforts to combat terrorists and to prepare the terrain for local security forces to provide for the safety of their own country and their people. Americans are proud to be able to serve together with their Estonian counterparts, such as ESTCOY-E, which served together with our soldiers to provide security for elections in Afghanistan.

After 235 years, the spirit, determination and courage of the U.S. Marine Corps is as strong as ever. Those of us privileged to serve alongside U.S. Marines are proud to do so.
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