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2012 Estonians win the Cup 6 times in a row! Estonians 5 vs. Lithuanians 1
Sport 26 Apr 2012 T.T.Eesti Elu
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Along with red breasted robins and yellow daffodils, the Toronto Estonians in their blue, black and white uniforms hoisting the North American Baltic ice-hockey championship Baltic Cup trophy, is another sign that spring has arrived. For the sixth consecutive year, the Toronto Estonians were once again victorious defending their prestigious North American championship.

This year the Estonian team played the Toronto Lithuanians in the championship match. The two teams arrived there by defeating the Latvians 5-1 (Estonians) and 5-2 (Lithuanians), and then playing each other in a tight game where the Estonians were victorious 4-3.

The Championship game was a close checking affair for 2 periods with the Estonians holding a slim 2 -1 lead going into the 3rd period. Then in the last period, young gun Stefan Valvur scored 3 goals in 6 minutes resulting in the Estonians going home with a 5-1 victory, and the Baltic Cup!.

Congratulations to the team members, who would like to thank the Estonian Foundation of Canada for their continued support.

Friday April 20'th, 7:45PM - Iceland Rink #1
First Period:
6:06 Estonian Goal (G#10 Ian Mehisto / A#9 Mike Auksi / A#4 Markus Rosenberg)
Second Period:
13:56 Estonian Goal (G#19 Adam Holmberg / A#10 Ian Mehisto / A#4 Markus Rosenberg )
11:49 Lithuanian Goal (G#92 Aleksas Butkus / A#28 Ayrtonas Dickus / A#91 Larry Richardson)
Third Period:
12:55 Estonian Goal (G#12 Stefan Valvur / A#6 Mihkel Poldma / A#8 Aleks Poldma)
8:04 Estonian Goal (G#12 Stefan Valvur / A#9 Mike Auksi)
6:47 Estonian Goal (G#12 Stefan Valvur)
Estonian 4: #10 Ian Mehisto / #2 Robi Trei / #8 Aleks Poldma / #10 Ian Mehisto
Lithuanian 5: G#92 Aleksas Butkus / #4 Matas Klevinas / #87 Zak Jukna / #52 Travis Caronas / #16 Kristoforas Girdauskas
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