20 Teams Pitch At Seedcamp Estonia
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Toivo Tänavsuu, techcrunch.com April 20, 2012
There was a lot of startup excitement in Tallinn, Estonia this week, where investment and mentoring program Seedcamp organised their first ever event in Estonia – a tiny country, but best known for being the cradle for the development of Skype.

However, the Nordic tiger is no stranger to Seedcamp as six companies from the country – GrabCAD, Sportlyzer, Campalyst, Qminder, Transferwise and Pult – are already invested startups. In fact, Estonia is raising a few eyebrows given its tiny size, already producing a number of high quality startups at a prodigious rate. Even Estonian president Toomas Hendrik turned up to welcome attendees to “the startup country” and stayed on for the pitches!

20 startups were shortlisted for Seedcamp Tallinn event, eight of them from Estonia, others from Finland, Lativa, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden, UK and Slovenia. The list includes young entrepreneurs aimed at disrupting the online tutoring industry (Arkademy) or concert rider management (easyRider), bringing clarity to the car buying process (Carfitsme), making you the editor in chief of your own social magazine (Kula Magazine), send you “audio tweets” or ads (Notif5), rescue you from energy over-consumption (UtilityCamp) or boosting farming by mixing science and weather (WeatherMe).

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