16th Annual EGO Tournament Calls All Golfers!
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Mark September 8th, 2012 in your golfing calendar. The EGO Golf Tournament is back. This year’s tournament is organized in partnership with the Estonian Foundation of Canada. Aside from being a partner in organizing this event, the EFC has also provided two $1000.00 scholarship prizes for closet to the pin contests.
The EFC closest to the pin contests work in the following manner:

1. Two of the par 3s are designated as the EFC scholarship holes. These two holes will be marked with a sponsor sign similar to the sponsor signs on any other sponsored holes. The prize is $1000 at each hole. If the actual winner is an eligible university student himself or herself, Excellent, the golfer gets the scholarship, upon proof of university registration as per our scholarship rules. (as a brief reminder, a recipient must be enrolled in their 2nd or later year of studies. Full scholarship eligibility details are on our website).

2. If the actual winner is not a university student, then the winner can designate to whom the $1000 will be paid, at the time that the designated Estonian-Canadian student would become eligible. The designated winner can be a relative, a friend or someone totally unknown to the winner, as long as the designated winner would be eligible for the EFC scholarship.

3. If the designated student is not yet eligible, let us say still in high school, then EFC would make note of the scholarship for the future and would confer it at the time that the designated student becomes eligible.

4. The prizes are not segregated by gender. In other words, there is no male winner and female winner. There are two prizes, $1000 each, and they could be theoretically won by the same person, male or female, either through real skill or via a family member or friend who has real skill or luck.

5. Unlike some closest to the pin contests, at the two EFC scholarship competition holes, men will play from the tees designated for men in the tournament, women will play from the tees designated for women for the tournament.

There will be two formats of play – scramble (best ball) and championship (stroke play). Since all golfers will be vying for prizes in this tournament, there will be no mulligans given. The EGO organizers also expect all golfers to respect golf etiquette and fair play. There will be no putting “gimmies” allowed either. In other words, everybody putts out.

There are 5 three par holes on the course: One par three (sponsored by Heinsoo Insurance) will be the HOLE-IN-ONE hole, with an opportunity to win a fully loaded 2012 $35,000 Nissan Juke automobile. Two of the par three holes will be sponsored by EFC for the $1000.00 Scholarship prizes for closest to the pin. The other two par three holes will be designated also closest to the pin holes for both male and female golfers. The prizes for these will be large screen TVs.

There is a putting contest starting at 11:30 am on Saturday September 8th. There will be prizes for longest drive (male and female), most straightest drive and of course the now famous closest-to- the- case- of-beer prize.
To register for this golfing event please email Jaak Järve at or call 416-222-9445 for more information. We only have 110 spots open, 60 are already booked- first come first serve.

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