11th EGO golf tournament highlights
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The 11th Eesti Golfiklubi Ontarios (EGO) Masters Golf Tournament took place Saturday September 23, 2006 at Mill Run Golf and Country Club just west of Uxbridge. By the time the shotgun start took place the weather was warm and sunny. This year’s tournament was special as 10 golfers from the Eesti Golfiselts Rootsis were in attendance. They were Rein Palk, Peeter Aasa, Juri Bauman, Rainer Marcus, Rein Kotkas, Hardo Aamisepp, Mart Aaspere, Jaan Perten, Jaak Tuuling, and Margaretha Perten. They were hosted for a week by the Jõekääru pensioners Eevi and Valdeko Novek, Tiiu and Ilmar Kaljurand, Merike and Rein Luud and Maimu and Jaan Schaer.
Peeter Aasa (Sweden), Jaan Schaer, Valdeko Novek and Juri Bauman (Sweden) on
 the 19th hole of the 11th annual EGO tournament. - pics/2006/14329_1.jpg
Peeter Aasa (Sweden), Jaan Schaer, Valdeko Novek and Juri Bauman (Sweden) on the 19th hole of the 11th annual EGO tournament.

Go to www.egr.se and hit the Kanada button on their home page to see their impression in writing and photos of the trip to Canada.

This was the largest EGO Masters ever with 78 players including 17 ladies. The day started with registration followed by a four (4) hole putting contest located on the practice putting green. Aili Wells did a great job running this activity. The winner from each foursome received a golf shirt and cap from Hector Castillo of GOSEEMEXICO. Hector’s wife Helga and Maimu Schaer looked after registration and sales of “Mulligans”.

Precisely at 1:00 pm the shotgun start began with a 40 golf cart defile going out onto the first 9 holes. The carts had GPS system to assist golfers with hole layouts, distances and obstructions. The Swedes were in awe. In Sweden a golfer requires a doctor’s certificate to use a golf cart. No wonder they are in better physical shape than we are.

A little after 6:30 pm carts were coming off the course. Everyone had a great day! Mainly because “Saku Original” was available on the refreshment cart. Seven additional guests joined us for dinner in the lounge room, which had its windows facing the beautiful golf course.

During dinner numerous trophies and mulligan prizes were given out. However it really did not matter who won. Everyone just enjoyed the camaraderie, fun and pleasantness of a gorgeous outdoor outing followed by a great dinner with old and new friends.

Top 10 Men in order were:
Aaro Tõnnis, Kanada; Mihkel Orav. USA; Jaako Pettinen, Kanada; Henrik Vasila, Kanada; Rein Palk, Rootsi; Paul Marley, Kanada; Peter Tõnisson, Kanada; Peeter Aasa, Rootsi; Peeter Ojala, Kanada; Shafik Somji, Kanada.

Top 10 Ladies in order were:
Diane Orav, USA; Anneliis Põldre, Kanada; Kristina Põldre, Kanada; Dorothy Dabrowski, Kanada; Kathy Põldre, Kanada;Aili Wells, Kanada Riina Hess, Kanada; Eneri Taul, Kanada; Marlene Kuutan, Kanada; Tiiu Tõnisson, Kanada

Each top Man and Lady received a trophy, bottle of wine and Mill Run Championship Course Green Fees.

Top Male under 25 was Jüri Kimsto
Top Female under 25 was Anneliis Põldre
Prizes were trophies and $100 gift certificates from Eesti Sihtkapital Kanadas

Longest Drive Male was Henrik Vasila
Longest Drive Female was Dorothy Dabrowski
Each winner received a trophy with a bottle of wine.

Straightest Drive Male was Jaan Perten (Rootsi)
Straightest Drive Female was Riina Hess.
Each winner received a trophy with a bottle of wine.

Closest to the Pin Male Hole #5 was Aaro Tõnnis.
Closest to the Pin Female Hole #5 was Marlene Kuutan.
Each winner received a trophy with a cooler bag donated by Aaro Tõnnis California Innovations.

Closest to the Pin Male Hole #13 was Mihkel Orav USA
Closest to the Pin Female Hole #13 was Marlene Kuutan.

The prizes for Hole #13 were two $1000 scholarships provided by Eesti Sihtkapital Kanadas. The criteria were: must be attending at least the second year of a recognized post-secondary school, must be a Canadian citizen and must have at least one parent of Estonian heritage.

Hole in One on #16 was not won. Prize was $1000 provided by Toronto Eesti Ühispank.

Mulligan Prizes:

Trip to Eesti for 2007 Summer donated by Valhalla Tours & Travel was won by Tiit Telmet.

Stay and Golf in Morelia Mexico donated by Hector Castillo GOSEEMEXICO was won by Allan Hess.

Polo Golf Shirt autographed by Sergio Garcia was donated by Hector Castillo GOSEEMEXICO was won by Heikki Kolga.

Two sets of competition darts donated by Mihkel Orav Voks Darts was won by Rein Luud and Rein Arro.

$100 bottle of Scotch donated by EGO was won by Jaan Arro.

Each participating player received a loot bag donated by Sven Lilleoru Motion Specialties consisting of: a sleeve of Callaway Golf Balls donated by Toronto Eesti Ühispank; golf towel, bottle holder and divot repair donated by EGO; pen and multi use knife donated by Eesti Sihtkapital Kanadas; Sports Drink donated by Xilarate; insect repellant pouches and coupons donated by Mill Run Golf and Country Club.

John Canjar Clarion Signs again, as he has in the past, provided all tournament signs.

Special thanks to the following sponsors:

Eesti Sihtkapital Kanadas
Eesti Majandusklubi Kanadas
Eneri Taul Architect
Toronto Marlies
Estonian House Café
T Velt Construction
Larry Later CG & B Group
John Canjar Clarion Signs
Toomas Marley
Rein Lee
Enn Vaher
Sven Lilleoru Motion Specialties
Aaro Tõnnis California Innovations
Mihkel Orav Voks Darts
Mill Run Golf and Country Club

Without our major sponsors this tournament could not take place. Kudos to:

Eesti Sihtkapital Kanadas who are playing a major role in providing funding and prizes.

Valhalla Travel & Tours who recently moved to Pefferlaw and is providing travel arrangements for trips to Estonian and other eastern and northern European countries.

Hector Castillo of WWW.GOSEEMEXICO.COM who has in the past and will continue in the future to take golfers to various destinations throughout Mexico and Europe.

Toronto Eesti Ühispank who have been a long term supporter of EGO.

Any individual or company wishing to become a sponsor please contact the writer at (705) 228-8113 or .

During dinner the executive of EGO asked the participants if EGO should go back to being a formal golf club and whether Mill Run Golf and Country Club could become the home course for EGO? The answer was unanimously YES! to both questions.

So stay tuned for news of upcoming EGO Tournaments and Events.

A Big Hug and Thanks to Mill Run Golf and Country Club, sponsors, players, volunteers and the EGO Executive.

EGO Executive Member
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