1 in 10 Votes Ultimately Ineffective
Eestlased Eestis 08 Mar 2011  EWR
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For the fist time in 15 years, as much as 10 percent of votes in the Estonian elections went to parties or independent candidates who did not win any seats in Parliament.

The fact that a tenth of votes are "wasted" in the sense that they do not necessarily result in the party or candidate being elected does not mean that the electoral system is faulty in itself, Tallinn University political scientist Leif Kalev told ETV.

"The main issue here - at least in the opinion of smaller parties - is a disparity in public funding and available campaign resources." One option would be allocating public campaign financing to political parties based on votes garnered in the elections and not, as is the case now, on the number of seats they hold in Parliament, Kalev said.

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